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How E-Cigarettes Work

But what is an E-Cigarette?

With the age of technology, someone eventually had to “virtualize” the common cigarette. Watch someone “smoke” one of these new E-Cigarettes, and it is fascinating.  The devices can be very discrete, or very stylish. They can look like a pen, they can look like a bold fashion statement with fluorescent pink or corvette red, or they can look just like the real thing. 

When a user “smokes” it, there are white puffs coming out of their nostrils just like the real thing, but there is no second-hand smoke: just flavored water vapor. When the user draws a breath, a colored light glows on the end of the device. When the user stops drawing in a breath, there is no second-hand smoke: the device just stops. Nobody close at hand even smells anything. But best of all, these cigarettes don’t contain any tobacco.

OK, so how does an E-Cigarette work?

An E-Cigarette is a cigarette-sized tube with a colored LED light on the end, containing a battery and an atomizer cartridge that holds liquid. When the user draws in, a pressure-activated switch turns on a mini heating element and produces a vapor that looks like smoke.

This vapor is essentially the same smoke commonly seen in nightclubs, concerts and theatres in fog generators when used for special effects. The vapor can also contain nicotine in doses regulated by the user, and a variety of flavors: among them chocolate, mint, tobacco, apple, and many others. Users can even get the flavor of their favorite brand of cigarettes.

Where does the Nicotine come from?

Nicotine doses in the cartridges are rated in low, medium, high, and zero nicotine. The high strength cartridge has the nicotine equivalent of a regular cigarette, though some have been known to exceed that, which we do not recommended for your health safety. In some brands of the device, such as BestEciggy it is even possible to create your own custom flavors and regulate the nicotine level yourself.

Do I have to include Nicotine in my E-Cigarette?

No, users can adjust down, continue using or eliminate nicotine completely. Nicotine levels come in High, Medium, Low and NO.

How do E-Cigarettes compare in cost to regular tobacco smoking?

An E-Cigarette cartridge lasts about 20 times longer than a standard tobacco cigarette.  Economically, the E-Cigarette can cost significantly less than standard tobacco, with an Honest 50% 80% savings being possible with the right E-cigarette.

How does E-Smoking compare to regular tobacco smoking?

From a physical sensation perspective, they are remarkably similar, which is why it is an excellent substitute or alternative to tobacco smoking. One of the challenges in transitioning from tobacco cigarettes to E-cigarettes is that users have to prepare in advance. With E-Cigarettes, users have to charge a battery, or they could be out of luck later. To make the batteries last all day, chargers are available that plug into household power, a car, or even your USB port on a computer. Carrying a back-up battery is also recommended.

Users also want to keep a supply of cartridges on hand to replace used cartridges. These can be pre-assembled flavorings and nicotine levels, or mixed from a bulk container to meet the user’s flavor and nicotine expectations.  A little accessory kit and instruction booklet will allow the user to maintain their unit.

How does someone get started with E-Cigarettes?

E-cigarettes are all the rage in Europe and South America, but have been slow to come into use in the United States. Many are being imported from China, where most are manufactured. Some are sold directly from China, which have been a problem in some cases in getting through U.S.Customs.

Is there anything I should look out for?

Not all products sold are high quality products, and some can be overpriced. Simply put, not all manufacturers have good, quality products across the board. Sometimes certain components from one manufacturer are better than the same component from a different manufacturer.

Availability can be another problem to be aware of. Many times, the supplier will indicate that they have certain units in stock, but because of high demand, in fact they are sold out well into the future. Be sure the supplier has stock on hand, or it could take weeks to receive a unit. Because smokers are typically used to certain levels of nicotine daily, this can be a problem if they want to cut back, switch or quit tobacco quickly.

But, how do you know which components are the best?

The challenge becomes which units are of good quality and which components are going to hold up over time, and finding a reputable U.S. based supplier that will offer a good warranty. Find a supplier that has done the homework of proofing products for you.

What do E-Cigarettes Cost?

Price can vary widely for what can seem like the same product, depending on the supplier. The problem here again is how to know which components you are getting, and that they are a good value and high quality.

How do you know where to find these products and the best components?

Finding a U.S. supplier who is assembling the highest quality, reliable components into kits that are priced competitively is difficult. It is good to use a supplier who has assembled the best components and everything you need into a starter kit. They should also give instructions and tips as to the best way to approach your transition to E-Cigarettes; including what to expect, as well as how to properly assemble, charge, mix flavors and nicotine, and maintain your E-Cigarettes for long life.

       The BestEciggy was not designed as a "Smoking Cessation Device", but for smoking enjoyment without using tobacco. The preceding statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and do not claim to represent the BestEciggy product as an approved Smoking Cessation Device. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

        All E-Liquids, especially those containing nicotine, should be handled with care. Please do not leave E-Liquids unattended, or store them where children or animals can have access to them. Store them up high or in a latched child-safe cabinet.  Treat E-Liqid the same way you would any household chemical.